First real-time community-based monitoring in the Philippines

@loraxassistant, in partnership with Davao City Planning Office, the first real-time community-based monitoring in the Philippines, test pilot Barangay 3A.


1 year ago, Davao City Planning Office rolled out the Lorax Platform to 182 barangays to start digitizing barangay profiles which have demographics, social, economic, environment and infrastructure data.

(a barangay staff seeing the data she encoded from their survey, the year 2017)

In the year 2018, Lorax Assistant, a mobile app has launched to further help barangays survey data on a household level. The survey also includes geotagging of households, real-time insight, and mapping.

The goal is to scale the app outside Davao City — to a national level and to establish a centralized data-driven platform for local governments. This is to push and make an impact on sustainable development by having more accurate and quality data.

On the other hand, because of its real-time insight, students, startups, and researchers can speed up their studies and objectives by not having to request data from local government offices physically.

The Lorax Assistant also aims to reduce the workload of government officials by letting the assistant provide information to the public instead of them handing the paper reports manually.



The Lorax Assistant app is available for download in the Google Play Store. You can also follow their page on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.



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First real-time community-based monitoring in the Philippines

Davao City Planning Office Now Has an Intelligent Assistant

davao city hall.jpg

To function well in today’s fast-paced world, digitization is essential.

Davao City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) understands the significance of digitization and with the Lorax Assistant, the impact on efficiency and minimizing work redundancy in local government can be astonishing.

Through the use of the Lorax Assistant App, Davao City executives, city planning officers, and other individuals can gain access to data quickly without spending too much time flipping through paperwork.

As the Lorax Assistant starts to feed data, the team should be able to make it more intelligent and provide more descriptive and predictive analysis for Davao City in the coming months.

This, in turn, helps the government focus more on data analysis and give the needed solution to city problems which can benefit everyone involved.

With innovative thinking and decisive leadership of Davao’s CPDO, the Lorax Assistant team was able to get the support of City Planning Head Mr. Ivan Cortez, Mr. Denton Siapno head of Geographic Information System Division, Mrs. Cresentia Victoria head of Research and Statistics Division, and Mrs. Joan Esguerra head of Project Monitoring Division, their leadership all play a role in shaping the city of Davao to what it is now, with the push of digitization from Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.

Get to know Lorax

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 10.33.05 PM.png  Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 10.38.24 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 10.42.02 PM.png  Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 10.45.12 PM.png

Lorax Assistant is a digital ecosystem that is easy, fast, and readily available for use. Anyone can view the current status of a barangay or city in Davao. Moreover, it gives you a straightforward data analysis that you can use wherever needed.

The team behind the Lorax Assistant app is a startup founded in Cebu, Philippines. On October 2016, the team got its partnership with the Davao City Planning Office to solve fundamental problems of sustainable development – the lack of data availability.

Lorax is also part of the ASEAN Data Startup Accelerator Program supported by Malaysian Digital Economy and Open Data Institute in the UK in which they were fully funded to join the London Bootcamp. The training is to gain more knowledge about Data Infrastructure and Big Data.

The Lorax Assistant app is available for download in Google Play Store. You can also follow their page on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.

By taking a bold move towards digitization, other city offices, students, and researchers can take advantage of the information gathered. Moreover, the city of Davao will be doing something good for the ecosystem as they no longer need to record tons of paperwork to store data. With just a tap on any mobile device, you can access data wherever, whenever by simply logging into the Lorax Assistant App.

In the coming years, a majority of the workforce will comprise of millennials. And with millennials mostly using the internet, Lorax Assistant will provide a flexible avenue to access data. When data is within everyone’s reach, it should be able to accelerate a City’s sustainable development.

Davao City Planning Office Now Has an Intelligent Assistant

Tagum City Joins the Lorax Digital Ecosystem

The Lorax team together with Mayor Allan Rellon, Tagum CPDO and DILG Region XI


Tagum City which is the capital of Davao del Norte is now moving to integrate their Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) through Lorax Assistant . CBMS is a systematized method of data collection and processing at the local level. At the same time, it is an essential tool in the integration of data in local program implementation, planning, and impact monitoring.

With a well-planned zoning scheme, Tagum City guarantees investors a peaceful and business-friendly community. To stabilize development goals, Lorax and the city officials work together to improve data collection.

Mainly, this will help the city address the following gaps and issues:

  1. Lack of capacity in analyzing, interpreting, and managing data
  2. Few or very far in between data collection
  3. Lack of necessary separate data for:
  • determining causes of city problems
  • formulating appropriate programs and policies
  • assessing the impact of formulated programs and policies

The city does not only boast unspoiled ecology but also amenities of a completely responsive state of business and trade. Through the help of Lorax, it is now slowly joining the movement of developing communities.

By being a part of the Lorax Digital Ecosystem, lack of data availability will no longer be a problem for Tagum City in the future. As more and more government units start gathering data, sustainable development will be much easier to realize.

Tagum City Joins the Lorax Digital Ecosystem

182 Davao City Barangays are now digitizing data.

The Davao City government is brilliantly solving a common global fundamental problem in pushing for sustainable development. The main problem lies with not having enough data availability or underutilized data.

By initiating the Lorax app, 182 Davao City Barangays now have digitized data submissions and analysis, which without a doubt, can accelerate sustainable development. 


What is digitization and how can it help sustainable development?

Data technology helps local government to efficiently access data on the web, conduct deep analysis and more accurate forecast to enhance service and provide sustainable development.

With the Lorax app, the barangay officials, city officials and especially the citizens no longer have to go through stacks of papers to find data.

Below are the list of top 3 Barangays who have started a monumental leap in digitizing their data using the Lorax Web Application.


Top #1 Barangay (Matina Crossing)

Basic Education

Figure 1 – Brgy. Matina Crossing Basic Literacy

Figure 1 displays that at a number of 3,216 in total, the majority of residents in Matina Crossing have basic literacy. The data gathered was based on per household having 10+ years old above family member who knows how to read and write.


Water Access and Quality

Figure 2- Brgy. Matina Crossing Water Sanitation

Households with water sealed have a bigger count at 10,255. It is then followed by households without a toilet at 424 and households antipolo at 378.

Figure 3- Brgy. Matina Crossing Water Potability

Figure 3 significantly showed how Barangay Matina Crossing depends greatly on Barangay Water and Sanitation Association (Bawasa) for potable water at a total count of 6,890.


Top #2 Barangay (76-A)

 Water Access and Quality

Figure 4- Brgy. 76-A Water Sanitation

Figure 4 showed that in terms of water sanitation, a majority of individuals in Barangay 76-A have water sealed in their households at a count of 14,123. It is then followed by household without a toilet at 4,568 and households antipolo at a count of 912.


Figure 5- Brgy. 76-A Water Potability

Figure 5 displays how all residents in Barangay 76-A rely mostly on DCWD for potable water at a count of 6,890. The remaining 7 residents rely on a communal faucet for potable water. 


Top #3 Barangay (Ma-a)

 Water Access and Quality

Figure 7- Brgy. Ma-a Water Sanitation

In terms of water sanitation, Figure 7 shows that a majority of households in Barangay Ma-a have their water sealed at a count of 3,898. The households without a toilet then followed suit at a lesser count of 6 and households antipolo with a count of 4.


Photo: Barangay Secretary testing their analysis from submitted data.


The list of top 3 barangay data presented above shows a glimpse of how the Lorax App enables local government and its citizens have quick access to up-to-date data.

More and more barangays and city offices are making use of the Lorax app to digitize data. All needed information will not be lost on stacks of papers but will become an important data for efficient data analysis, more accurate forecasting, and faster response. This will greatly contribute to accelerating sustainable development which in return provide security in the citizens’ future. 



*Disclaimer: The information contained herewith are subject to validation from the Davao City Government.

182 Davao City Barangays are now digitizing data.

The Davao City 182 Barangays update

Photo: Davao City Planning Research and Statistics Division introducing Lorax to 10 clustered Barangays.

Lorax and Davao City Planning Office are nearly done in their orientation with 182 Barangays on why Data is important, and how Lorax can help them make their work more efficient and report sustainable indicators (area of development) effectively.

So far we have received warm appreciation and gladness from Barangay Captains and staffs, we look forward in working with them to integrate more functions — making their work more productive and fulfilling.  As for this month, the Lorax team is working hard on making Lorax easier and very user friendly.

There will be a new update coming which will greatly add to the Lorax ecosystem, we believe it will dramatically change the course of Sustainable Development in a Local Government and a Country.

We call it Blueprint!

The Davao City 182 Barangays update

Asean Data Startup Accelerator

Photo: The 1st cohort of ASEAN Data Startup Accelerator Programme for startups in ASEAN region.

It was a really great experience to learn what other startups in the ASEAN region are doing, what they envision, what they need, but most especially in getting to know them!

The team in Open Data Institute (Tom and Divakar) are dedicated to support in moving forward in achieving things. It was really amazing to be able to work and spend time with them. They are incredible!

This initiative has been formed by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and ODI UK.

Lorax is the only startup representing Philippines so it was a really great opportunity and honor!

Asean Data Startup Accelerator

Davao City Planning + Lorax

We are inspired by Davao’s City Planning Vision of innovation. Truly the people here are inspiring, they have their best visions of the City and altogether make a splash of change and impact to the lives of Dabawenyos

They are the epicenter of change and thinkers of Sustainable Development. And our team would like to ripple that change.


Lorax: An app that helps barangays, municipalities, and cities in Sustainable Development.

Last Monday, October 3, 2016, marks a stepping stone. The team has officially met up with Davao City’s Planning office Geographical Information System head by Sir Denton Siapno and together with the Research and Statistics Division.
The meeting focused on what steps to take in integrating and improve how the City acquires the necessary data needed for the City.

Lorax will help data analysis from barangays — faster and provide accurate data needed for the City’s sustainable development. The discussion led to the decision to start using the Lorax application by January of 2017 in 182 barangays.

By then, we are expecting a drastic improvement with data technology and further spread the use of the application throughout more towns and cities in the months to come. Soon, all the much-needed information will no longer be forgotten under piled up papers but instead will be added as another vital data for a much efficient and effective Data Analysis.

It is a painstaking process for Barangays to consolidate all survey forms and submit it manually to Davao City Planning Office. Lorax helps them in consolidating, submitting digitally and instant analytics and exporting of Data.

Lorax will soon analyse these data for us and look at the trends of diseases, education, forestry, birth rate and many more to assist the amazing City Planning people in Sustainable Development.

Lorax is calling for a Data Revolution

We believe data technology can help us get deeper analysis and much accurate forecast to improve the sustainable development in the Cities of Philippines.


Davao City Planning + Lorax