Davao City Planning + Lorax

We are inspired by Davao’s City Planning Vision of innovation. Truly the people here are inspiring, they have their best visions of the City and altogether make a splash of change and impact to the lives of Dabawenyos

They are the epicenter of change and thinkers of Sustainable Development. And our team would like to ripple that change.


Lorax: An app that helps barangays, municipalities, and cities in Sustainable Development.

Last Monday, October 3, 2016, marks a stepping stone. The team has officially met up with Davao City’s Planning office Geographical Information System head by Sir Denton Siapno and together with the Research and Statistics Division.
The meeting focused on what steps to take in integrating and improve how the City acquires the necessary data needed for the City.

Lorax will help data analysis from barangays — faster and provide accurate data needed for the City’s sustainable development. The discussion led to the decision to start using the Lorax application by January of 2017 in 182 barangays.

By then, we are expecting a drastic improvement with data technology and further spread the use of the application throughout more towns and cities in the months to come. Soon, all the much-needed information will no longer be forgotten under piled up papers but instead will be added as another vital data for a much efficient and effective Data Analysis.

It is a painstaking process for Barangays to consolidate all survey forms and submit it manually to Davao City Planning Office. Lorax helps them in consolidating, submitting digitally and instant analytics and exporting of Data.

Lorax will soon analyse these data for us and look at the trends of diseases, education, forestry, birth rate and many more to assist the amazing City Planning people in Sustainable Development.

Lorax is calling for a Data Revolution

We believe data technology can help us get deeper analysis and much accurate forecast to improve the sustainable development in the Cities of Philippines.


Davao City Planning + Lorax

4 thoughts on “Davao City Planning + Lorax

  1. Meljoy B. Villanueva says:

    Good morning maam/sir.. From Barangay Acacia, Buhangin District po ito. Gusto po sana naming humingi ng tulong regarding with our Lorax acct, nakalimotan po namin ang E-mail address at password.. New administration po kasi.. Salamat po sa tugon.


    1. Hi Meljoy! We will send you the email address and new password through Davao City Planning Research and statistics division. Sila po mag inform sa inyo.

      You’re welcome po Maam!


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