182 Davao City Barangays are now digitizing data.

The Davao City government is brilliantly solving a common global fundamental problem in pushing for sustainable development. The main problem lies with not having enough data availability or underutilized data.

By initiating the Lorax app, 182 Davao City Barangays now have digitized data submissions and analysis, which without a doubt, can accelerate sustainable development. 

visit davao.lorax.ph

What is digitization and how can it help sustainable development?

Data technology helps local government to efficiently access data on the web, conduct deep analysis and more accurate forecast to enhance service and provide sustainable development.

With the Lorax app, the barangay officials, city officials and especially the citizens no longer have to go through stacks of papers to find data.

Below are the list of top 3 Barangays who have started a monumental leap in digitizing their data using the Lorax Web Application.


Top #1 Barangay (Matina Crossing)

Basic Education

Figure 1 – Brgy. Matina Crossing Basic Literacy

Figure 1 displays that at a number of 3,216 in total, the majority of residents in Matina Crossing have basic literacy. The data gathered was based on per household having 10+ years old above family member who knows how to read and write.


Water Access and Quality

Figure 2- Brgy. Matina Crossing Water Sanitation

Households with water sealed have a bigger count at 10,255. It is then followed by households without a toilet at 424 and households antipolo at 378.

Figure 3- Brgy. Matina Crossing Water Potability

Figure 3 significantly showed how Barangay Matina Crossing depends greatly on Barangay Water and Sanitation Association (Bawasa) for potable water at a total count of 6,890.


Top #2 Barangay (76-A)

 Water Access and Quality

Figure 4- Brgy. 76-A Water Sanitation

Figure 4 showed that in terms of water sanitation, a majority of individuals in Barangay 76-A have water sealed in their households at a count of 14,123. It is then followed by household without a toilet at 4,568 and households antipolo at a count of 912.


Figure 5- Brgy. 76-A Water Potability

Figure 5 displays how all residents in Barangay 76-A rely mostly on DCWD for potable water at a count of 6,890. The remaining 7 residents rely on a communal faucet for potable water. 


Top #3 Barangay (Ma-a)

 Water Access and Quality

Figure 7- Brgy. Ma-a Water Sanitation

In terms of water sanitation, Figure 7 shows that a majority of households in Barangay Ma-a have their water sealed at a count of 3,898. The households without a toilet then followed suit at a lesser count of 6 and households antipolo with a count of 4.


Photo: Barangay Secretary testing their analysis from submitted data.


The list of top 3 barangay data presented above shows a glimpse of how the Lorax App enables local government and its citizens have quick access to up-to-date data.

More and more barangays and city offices are making use of the Lorax app to digitize data. All needed information will not be lost on stacks of papers but will become an important data for efficient data analysis, more accurate forecasting, and faster response. This will greatly contribute to accelerating sustainable development which in return provide security in the citizens’ future. 



*Disclaimer: The information contained herewith are subject to validation from the Davao City Government.

182 Davao City Barangays are now digitizing data.

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