Tagum City Joins the Lorax Digital Ecosystem

The Lorax team together with Mayor Allan Rellon, Tagum CPDO and DILG Region XI


Tagum City which is the capital of Davao del Norte is now moving to integrate their Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) through Lorax Assistant . CBMS is a systematized method of data collection and processing at the local level. At the same time, it is an essential tool in the integration of data in local program implementation, planning, and impact monitoring.

With a well-planned zoning scheme, Tagum City guarantees investors a peaceful and business-friendly community. To stabilize development goals, Lorax and the city officials work together to improve data collection.

Mainly, this will help the city address the following gaps and issues:

  1. Lack of capacity in analyzing, interpreting, and managing data
  2. Few or very far in between data collection
  3. Lack of necessary separate data for:
  • determining causes of city problems
  • formulating appropriate programs and policies
  • assessing the impact of formulated programs and policies

The city does not only boast unspoiled ecology but also amenities of a completely responsive state of business and trade. Through the help of Lorax, it is now slowly joining the movement of developing communities.

By being a part of the Lorax Digital Ecosystem, lack of data availability will no longer be a problem for Tagum City in the future. As more and more government units start gathering data, sustainable development will be much easier to realize.

Tagum City Joins the Lorax Digital Ecosystem

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