First real-time community-based monitoring in the Philippines

@loraxassistant, in partnership with Davao City Planning Office, the first real-time community-based monitoring in the Philippines, test pilot Barangay 3A.


1 year ago, Davao City Planning Office rolled out the Lorax Platform to 182 barangays to start digitizing barangay profiles which have demographics, social, economic, environment and infrastructure data.

(a barangay staff seeing the data she encoded from their survey, the year 2017)

In the year 2018, Lorax Assistant, a mobile app has launched to further help barangays survey data on a household level. The survey also includes geotagging of households, real-time insight, and mapping.

The goal is to scale the app outside Davao City — to a national level and to establish a centralized data-driven platform for local governments. This is to push and make an impact on sustainable development by having more accurate and quality data.

On the other hand, because of its real-time insight, students, startups, and researchers can speed up their studies and objectives by not having to request data from local government offices physically.

The Lorax Assistant also aims to reduce the workload of government officials by letting the assistant provide information to the public instead of them handing the paper reports manually.



The Lorax Assistant app is available for download in the Google Play Store. You can also follow their page on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.



#sustainabledata #sustainabledevelopment #dataforsdgs #loraxph

First real-time community-based monitoring in the Philippines

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