The Davao City 182 Barangays update

Photo: Davao City Planning Research and Statistics Division introducing Lorax to 10 clustered Barangays.

Lorax and Davao City Planning Office are nearly done in their orientation with 182 Barangays on why Data is important, and how Lorax can help them make their work more efficient and report sustainable indicators (area of development) effectively.

So far we have received warm appreciation and gladness from Barangay Captains and staffs, we look forward in working with them to integrate more functions — making their work more productive and fulfilling.  As for this month, the Lorax team is working hard on making Lorax easier and very user friendly.

There will be a new update coming which will greatly add to the Lorax ecosystem, we believe it will dramatically change the course of Sustainable Development in a Local Government and a Country.

We call it Blueprint!

The Davao City 182 Barangays update

Asean Data Startup Accelerator

Photo: The 1st cohort of ASEAN Data Startup Accelerator Programme for startups in ASEAN region.

It was a really great experience to learn what other startups in the ASEAN region are doing, what they envision, what they need, but most especially in getting to know them!

The team in Open Data Institute (Tom and Divakar) are dedicated to support in moving forward in achieving things. It was really amazing to be able to work and spend time with them. They are incredible!

This initiative has been formed by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and ODI UK.

Lorax is the only startup representing Philippines so it was a really great opportunity and honor!

Asean Data Startup Accelerator